Physician Services

Management and Consultation

Healthcare Advisory Network assists physicians in the complex business environment in which they strive to survive the pressures of the new practice environment.  

We understand the struggles of managing the business while maintaining a quality practice.  Our experts can increase your profitability through engagement in your daily process or assist in helping decide the larger strategic issues that you face.

HAN, LLC has years of experience in guiding physicians in creative joint-venture and profitable partnerships.  We have advised groups that are seeking employment structures and understand the complexity of physician compensation.

Our experts will assist in managed care negotiations and advise on the different models of risk that you may be exploring with payors.  This is critical to your success as we move to a value-based payment system in the coming years.

If you are interested in having a deeper conversation we would be happy to listen to your issues and evaluate the best options to move forward.  Please contact us at  to set up a time to have a  conversation.

Employment or Independence?

Have you been approached by a hospital  or company for employment and practice acquisition? Our team understands the process and has assisted groups and hospitals on numerous negotiations.  Let us give you an impartial overview of your options and assist in the negotiations if warranted.  You need an expert team to represent your best long-term interest!

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