Chris Butler

Consumer-driven Marketing & Experience  

Successful companies understand their consumers; sometimes even better than consumers understand themselves. Chris is a senior marketing strategy and customer experience leader who has built a career out of deeply understanding key consumer segments' unique needs and preferences and helping companies to use those insights to drive improvements across marketing, experience, operations as well as to develop innovative products and services. 

Chris uses a data-driven methodology that relies on analytics, research and other sources to help organizations become truly consumer-focused and to generate double-digit growth and significant bottom line impact.

In his most recent role, Chris served as the Chief Consumer & Marketing Officer for Premier Health, a $2B regional health system based in Dayton, Ohio. After nearly 20 years of helping banks to personalize the banking experience for their key, target segments, he made the leap to health care to do the same in a new industry. With the rise in health insurance deductibles, consumers are paying more and more attention to where, when and how they pursue their health care. They have choice and the successful health care systems are helping them understand why they should choose them. Chris transformed Premier’s marketing in a number of ways, including: developing a segmentation strategy to help inform marketing and experience improvements across the system; leading a digital transformation including a complete redesign of the system website, increasing investment in digital channels and developing award winning digital/social media campaigns; driving a new focus on “shoppable services” to generate revenue for the system; developing a unique brand value proposition and an omni-channel campaign to introduce it to the market; redesigning the brand identity to align with the new strategic plan; restructuring all physician practice marketing to capitalize on digital and social channels; among others.

Chris works with HAN to bring this much needed consumer-focused discipline to health care systems across the country.